"I was fortunate enough to have Claudia as my riding instructor for 4 years prior to moving out of the area. Although I had years of riding instruction growing up, I learned the most from Claudia. Focusing on the basics, I was able to learn the importance of balance and position of my body. With this I became much more capable of giving clear aids to the horse. Claudia didn't just tell me how to become a better rider, she made me understand the essentials on a much deeper level."
Chicago, Illinois 

"Claudia was my first accredited instructor and provided logic and understanding for balance to create a true horse-human relationship."
Lori Bright-Pryor
Brightly Cared For, LLC Beaverton, Oregon

"Claudia was my daughter Lily's 1st riding instructor. Claudia was thoughtful, intelligent,and intuitive for both horse and rider. A great first experience!"
Christina Hebert

"Claudia offers a wealth of information on riding, horse care, and pasture management. She is a wonderful resource, particularly for those new to horses who really want to learn best practices."

Alice Rose
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